This apartment is a Studio also. It features Laminate floors and includes all appliances, It houses 3 men.


Transitional Quarters


This Studio apartment is reserved for future House Manager.


This One Bedroom Apartment houses 4 men.

Transitional Living facility

3 Units total 14 bed capacity

Greg's Place is situated in Hamilton Ohio (Butler County) and is a 12-Step oriented Sober Living facility. Our emphasis is on Affordable Housing and safe, structured support to encourage the development of a strong foundation in the basics of recovery. Accountability, Encouragement, and Peer support are fundamental.

The most critical period for recovering people is the first 6 months of recovery or right after the time that they leave a structured environment such as treatment. Studies show that of those who elect to utilize Sober Living and stay for 6 months, these individuals show success rates significantly higher than those who don't.  Developing winning habits can be the best prediction of successful outcomes. The advantages of a Sober Living environment are immense. If you are looking for an option such as this, call us for more information. A link to our Application is at the top of this page or click the About link for more on Greg's Place. 

216 North C St

Hamilton Ohio 45013


Fax 513-512-5424

Greg's Place